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New Hampshire Victim/Witness Assistance

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The State Office of Victim/Witness Assistance (OVWA) is available 24 hours a day to provide support and services for witnesses of homicide and for the victim’s family members.

Victim/Witness Services Include:

  • Crisis intervention and support,
  • Death notification,
  • Orientation into the criminal justice system,
  • Case status and disposition,
  • Court advocacy services,
  • Employer, school, landlord and creditor intervention,
  • Referrals,
  • Property return assistance,
  • Assistance with Victim Impact Statements
  • Parole notification

Contact the Office of Victim/Witness Assistance at (603)271-3671

Learn more at the NH Attorney General’s website.

May 2013/Rev September 2017
New Hampshire Department of Justice

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