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Tenants' Rights

To Withhold Rent Or Not To Withhold Rent - That Is The Question

You have a problem at your apartment. The roof leaks nonstop. Bedbugs are eating you alive every night. The landlord barges into your apartment to see if you have a dog which your lease doesn’t allow.

You talked to the landlord about your problem. Or you kept silent. Either way, the landlord hasn’t fixed the problem. In fact, the landlord seems to be ignoring you.

Do you smoke and live in public housing?

Smoking is banned in public housing across the country as of July 30, 2018.

You cannot use:

  • cigarettes,
  • cigars, pipes, and
  • hookahs (water pipes).
  • Your housing authority may have banned Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), too.

You cannot use tobacco products:

Tenants' Rights - Overview

Leases, Security Deposits, Housing Standards, Lead Paint, Withholding Rent, Discrimination, Eviction Rights of Tenants

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