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Home Solicitation Sales

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Home solicitation sales are governed by NH RSA 361-B. A home solicitation sale is defined as the sale of goods or services priced at $25.00 or more in which a seller operates from some place other than a permanent place of business. This includes a door-to-door salesperson and a business renting a hotel room for a one-day sale. Unlike a retail sale, you may cancel a home solicitation sale up to 3 days after the sale is made if you send written notice, preferably by certified or registered letter or by returning the merchandise in person within the 3-day cancellation period. At the time of the home solicitation sale, the seller must give you a fully completed receipt and a copy of any contract or agreement about the sale. This must have the name and address of the seller, the date of the transaction and have a statement giving you notice that you can cancel the transaction. Upon cancellation, the seller must return any payments you have made.

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