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Social Security Benefits & SSI

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Social Security Benefits





Supplemental Security Income

Social Security Retirement Benefits

Most all Americans who have worked will qualify for Social Securty Retirement benefits. Many factors, including how much money you have made, how long you paid in Social Security taxes, and at what age you are retiring, determine how much money you will receive during your retirement.

To apply online or to read more about retirement benefits and how to estimate the amount you will receive in retirement.

Disability Benefits

Social Security pays disability benefits to you and certain members of your family if you have worked long enough and have a medical condition that prevents you from working.

Read about Disability Benefits or apply online.

Medicare Benefits

Medicare is the country's medical insurance for people age 65 and older. In some circumstances, some can qualify for Medicare earlier.

Read about Medicare or apply online.

Survivor's Benefits

Upon your death, Social Security may pay benefits to surviving members of your family if you and they qualify.

Read about Survivor's Benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSI is additional income for the elderly, blind, or permanently disabled and some people over 65 who meet income limits. SSI is not paid from the Social Security fund but from the general fund of the federal budget.

Read about SSI.

June, 2015
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