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Report a Fraud or Scam

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Whenever you see a scam or suspicious business practice, report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). makes it easy for people to report scams, frauds, and bad business practices.

Spanish speakers can go to to report scams.

  • Did you order face masks online but did not get them? Report it.
  • Do not give your social security number to a stranger. If someone calls and says they need it, it is a scam. Report it.
  • Emails and texts saying you won money are a scam. Do not click on the link. Report it.
  • A free prize for a fee is not free or a prize. Anyone who says something is free but you have to pay, is lying to you. Report it.
  • If someone tells you to pay them with gift cards or by wire transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram), you are talking to a scammer. Do not pay them. Report it.
  • Romance websites can help people find love. But scammers are on those sites too. Report it.
  • Right now, people are looking for jobs and ways to make money. Scammers know that. They are charging up-front for jobs that do not exist. If you think you have spotted a money-making scheme, report it.
  • Who doesn’t want a cure? But there is no pill that can cure everything. If you see ads for something that promises to cure cancer, MS, and COVID-19, stop. It is a scam. Report it.
October 2020

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