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Medical Support

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A parent may be required to provide medical support for his or her children and may be required to obtain health insurance coverage if it is available at a reasonable cost, such as through an employer's group health insurance policy or other group plan. You can petition the court for an order for medical support.

When a parent provides medical insurance coverage, he or she may receive a credit for some portion of the actual costs, which could reduce his/her child support order.

What is the Division of Child Support Services?

The New Hampshire Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) is a state agency which provides help in:

  • locating absent parents;
  • establishing paternity;
  • establishing support orders;
  • enforcing support orders and collecting support from the parent.

Child support services are available to any parent or guardian with whom the child lives, even when the other parent lives in another state. To reach DCSS Client Services contact your closest district office.

If you are receiving public assistance, child support services are automatically provided. If you receive Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), your right to receive child support is transferred (assigned) to the State (up to the amount of assistance you receive).

If you are not receiving public assistance, you must file an application if you want DCSS services. Applications for services are available at the nearest Health and Human Services district office.  You do not have to wait for DCSS to act in order to request child support. You may request child support on your own (pro se), or with the help of an attorney.

Even if the court orders that child support is to be payable through DCSS, you MUST apply for services.

August 2015

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