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Managing debt - resources

Mon, 12/31/2012 - 14:28 -- crobinson
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Managing debt

Managing substantial debt can be difficult, time consuming, confusing, and very frustrating but don't give up! The debts won't disappear by themselves; ignoring them will only make your situation worse. Help is available.

Green Path Debt Solutions, is a New Hampshire non-profit that provides free debt counseling to help eliminate credit card debt. They also help people with student loan debt, and avoid foreclosure, among other debt issues.

Calculate your debt and your payoff date. Paying a little extra can save a lot.

Other debt related resources - provides information on making a budget, opening a bank account, using debit cards, prepaid cards, saving money when you shop, buying and using phone cards, and sending money overseas.

Managing Debt from the Federal Trade Commission's website for consumers covers managing debt, credit repair, debt relief, and debt collection arbitration.

Individual Development Accounts - savings accounts where your money is matched 8 to one!  $500 will become $4,500!

Budgeting -Learn about budgeting and methods of asset building with Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) - matched savings accounts from the Community Loan Fund.

Credit History and Credit Score -What are they? How are they used? How can I check my credit score?

Bank Accounts - what they are and how they can save you money, as well as tips for protecting your bank accounts and your money.


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