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It is against the law for your spouse, partner, family or household member to:

  • Assault or attempt to injure you or your children or your property (RSA 631:1 through 631:3).
  • Threaten you so that you fear for your physical safety or the safety of your children (RSA 631:4).
  • Force sexual contact or relations on you against your will (RSA 632-A:2 through 632-A:5).
  • Enter your residence or home against your will if you are living separately (RSA 635:2).
  • Kidnap or interfere with your freedom against your will (RSA 633:1 and 633:3-a).
  • Destroy or threaten to destroy your property, including pets (RSA 634:1 and 634:2).
  • Follow you around or act in a way that would make a reasonable person afraid (RSA 633:3-a).
  • Harm or threaten to harm an animal or household pet (RSA 644:8).

Protection of Persons From Domestic Violence RSA 173-B Protective Orders (POs)


If English is your second language or you don’t speak any English, you have a right to request an interpreter to assist you with the police and in any court proceedings. Make sure to let the police and/or the court know that you need an interpreter to help you.

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March 16, 2017

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