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Free incom tax help and information for "non-filers"

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There are no walk-in free tax services available in New Hampshire this year. If you would like someone from NH Tax Help to contact you, submit a request for help. Because they anticipate a high volume, it may take up to 14 days for a volunteer to reach you.

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You can also ask for tax filing help via AARP Foundation Tax-Aide or Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Learn more from the IRS about free tax return preparation.

See how to file a tax return electronically for free at the IRS website or at My Free Taxes website. 


The IRS just announced that “non-filers” can file a 2020 tax return electronically to claim the recovery rebate credit without manufacturing a $1 adjusted gross income, as was necessary last year when using the Non-Filers Tool on the IRS website. This makes it even easier for people without any taxable income to receive whatever stimulus payment they’re still due.

This FAQ section on the IRS website spells it out in more detail.

February 2021
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