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Low-Income Taxpayer Project

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Do you have a Tax Controversy with the IRS?

The Low-Income Taxpayer Project may be able to help you if you got a notice from the IRS about:

  • taxes you owe, or a "deficiency,"
  • a levy or lien on your property,
  • an audit.

They may be able to help you get innocent or injured spouse relief, or help you claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Are you eligible for help?

The Low-Income Taxpayer Project helps low-income taxpayers with federal tax controversies under $50,000. A low-income taxpayer is someone whose income is not more than 250% of the federal poverty guidelines. So, a family of four making $59,625 or less qualifies for this program.

Apply by calling 603 Legal Aid at 603-224-3333 or apply online.

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August 2014/Rev. June 2021
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