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Low-Income Taxpayer Project

Fri, 02/07/2014 - 09:36 -- alogan
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Do you have a Tax Controversy with the IRS?  


Did you recieve notice from the IRS of a tax deficiency, levy or lien on property, or audit? Are you in need of innocent or injured spouse relief, or having trouble claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit? If so, the NH Bar Association's Low-Income Taxpayer Project may be able to help. 

Are you eligible for help?

Created by the NH Pro Bono Referral Program, the Low-Income Taxpayer Project is designed to help low-income taxpayers with federal tax controversies under $50,000. A low-income taxpayer is someone whose income is not more than 250% of the federal poverty guidelines. So, a family of four making $60,750 or less qualifies for this program.

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August 2014/Rev. February 2017
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