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Am I responsible for taxes my spouse or former spouse owes?

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 10:50 -- crobinson
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Do I have to pay a tax debt created by my spouse? 


This article, explains how Innocent Spouse Relief can help protect a husband or wife, who was not aware their spouse was not properly paying taxes, from being liable for their spouse's actions.

The article also explains the 3 different types of relief available to innocent spouses.

Take this short survey to discover if you are eligible for Innocent Spouse Relief. 

Learn more about Innocent Spouse Relief from the IRS.

Apply for Innocent Spouse Relief from the IRS.

Need help applying or has the IRS denied your request for Innocent Spouse Relief?  The NH Bar's Low Income Taxpayer Project may be able to help!

August 2014/Rev. February 2017

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