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Self-Help Guides

  • Basic Information on Federal Bankruptcy Laws and NH Resources.

  • Information on Local Welfare in New Hampshire, Legal Rights of Benefits Applicants and Recipients.
  • Automobiles, Loans and Credit, Public Utilities/Energy, Small Claims

  • Removing a criminal record in New Hampshire
  • Your legal rights in relation to Discrimination in Housing, Disability and Employment...
  • Information on your rights and where to get help in situations of domestic violence or sexual assault...
  • Your rights in relation to employment including sexual harassment in the workplace...
  • Divorce, Child Support, Parental Rights & Responsibilities, Guardianship...
  • Learn about health care options in NH
  • Landlord/Tenant, Evictions, Foreclosure relief, Discrimination,  Ownership...
  • Legal Help for Persons Aged 60 or over...

  • Tax Information and forms, Tax Credit Eligibility Information, Help Preparing your Tax Return...
  • Information on legal help specifically designed for veterans and their families.
  •  Services and support for victims and witnesses of crimes in New Hampshire.





  • New Hampshire Legal Assistance helps low-income youth in trouble at school or with the law

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